Bad - And Good - News About Vehicular Headlights

As many people already know, the average quality of headlights in motor vehicles is poor. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – the long, drawn-out form of IIHS – found over half of new vehicles' headlights used in the United States received a rating of “poor,” the lowest the IIHS can give to motor vehicles.

The market has been like this for several years now. Consumers can either fix the headlights themselves – of which several tips are listed below – or take them to a top-rated dealership automotive shop like Lithia FIAT of Concord.

Clean the front-facing casing of headlights – the piece of acrylic that separates fragile bulbs from the elements – with cleaner specialized for vehicles’ headlights.

Replace the low-quality bulbs, if your vehicle is one of the many with bad headlights, with either high-intensity discharge, also called HID, or LED bulbs, of which these two are the most popular candidates for replacing the poor bulbs in too many motor vehicles.

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