Why do you need fuel filters?


Fuel is pristine when it comes out of the refinement process. After refining, the fuel is pumped into a truck that takes the fuel to a filling station. The truck pumps the fuel into the station’s fuel storage tanks. You fill up your vehicle from the storage tanks at the filling station. Contamination will inevitably get into the fuel somewhere along this delivery process.

The nature of your fuel breaks contaminants down to the tiniest bits. These bits are suspended in the fuel and travel with it. Fuel filters catch the debris down to the finest size, but some contaminants still get past. Most of these remaining contaminants will burn along with the fuel, but some will clog in fuel injectors or turn to carbon and clog parts of the combustion chamber itself.

To keep your fuel system clean, have it inspected periodically at Lithia Fiat of Concord.

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