Household Items Used for DIY Headlight Restoration

DIY headlight restoration tips provided by Lithia Fiat of Concord can be achieved using simple household items to get impressive results.

Toothpaste has been effective at restoring foggy headlamps quickly and easily. Simply place a small amount of the toothpaste on the headlight lens, then use a damp cloth to rub the toothpaste in circular motions. Once the desired results are achieved, use a clean cloth to remove the toothpaste.

Bug spray can also be used to help clear the headlight lens, but it has to be the repellent that contains DEET. To avoid over-spray, place the bug spray on a cloth, then rub on the headlight. Once the lens begins to clear up, you'll need to use a clean cloth to wipe the spray from the headlights.

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