Car Battery Jumping Strategies

When a car battery is totally drained, there are easy ways to charge the weak cells. However, if you want to avoid buying expensive charging equipment, your options will be limited. This is why most drivers invest in jumper cables. In order to use jumper cables properly, you'll need to follow a few easy steps.

Begin the process by aligning both cars so that they're about 18 inches apart. Before clamping the cables on the batteries, ensure that the engines aren't running. If one of the automobiles has an automatic transmission, put the shifting mechanism in Park. A car with a manual transmission should be in Neutral during the jump-starting process. While both vehicles are secured in place, inspect the batteries and pinpoint the negative and positive terminals. Then, clamp the cables on the proper terminals and run the engine that powers the charged battery for about two minutes. The drained battery should crank the other car once enough energy is distributed into the cells.

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