Giving The Right Of Way

When you're sharing the road with cyclists, it's sometimes seen as caring when you pay attention to those who are on their bikes. One of the ways that you can easily share the road is by not opening your door when you've parked on the street and when you see a bike coming.

Avoid using your phone while you're in Concord so that you're not distracted. This will keep you more alert as to the actions of cyclists. You need to keep both hands on the steering wheel so that you can watch the actions of cyclists in the event that they cut in front of you or do something else that could require quick thinking.

While you're on the road and in a busy city, you might notice bike lanes. These are only for cyclists and should be avoided. When cyclists want to make a turn or get out of the lane for some reasons, they will often use hand signals that you need to pay attention to so that you let the person make their move. Ensure cyclists see you on the road by getting Lithia Fiat of Concord to check your lights to see that they work properly.



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