Anti-Theft Automotive Devices & How They Can Help

Every year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen, and we at Lithia Fiat of Concord want to ensure you’re aware of every possible safety measure you can take so your vehicle is not stolen. Anti-theft devices are a great way to safeguard your vehicle from auto thieves and carjackers. Here are a few.
• Steering wheel locks not only protect your vehicle but also look unattractive to thieves.
• Tire locks, as unattractive as they may seem, are a sure-fire guarantee your car will not be stolen.
• Baby monitors allow you to see and hear any activity going on in or around your vehicle.
• A kill switch will automatically prevent the vehicle from starting without activating the switch.

If you’re like to check out some of the newest anti-theft devices or are considering a new vehicle, stop at our Concord dealership. We’d love to put you behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle for a fun and informative test drive.



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